It doesn’t quite occur to me exactly how we met

In a song I heard her voice lest I not forget
Far away laughter fills my soul and once again she’s there
I think about her night and day and wonder how she cares

A falling leaf , a drop of rain, a fading summer smile
Sands that fill the hourglass flow steady all the while
Worlds apart we live as though we had eternity
And painful tears fall from my face,tears she will never see

I’ve had her here a thousand times but only in my dreams
We’ve taken walks along the bay so many times it seems
There comes the time when I awaken only just to find
A girl named Sam I’ve come to love but only in my mind

Should I sleep and never wake I wonder will she stay
Or will she not remember me and turn the other way
I have but just to close my eyes and there she always waits
With warming smile and sparkling eyes she’s there at heaven’s gate

Copyrights Retained by William H. Ziegler Jr. 01/02/2009