There comes a time, a time I say
A time in every life
When you and I, and I and you
Might put aside some time

Some time I say without dismay
Without dismay some time
And of this time of which I say
We need to gather rhyme

The rhyme I say without dismay
To reason all we’ve done
Then contemplate without dismay
All things indeed to come

The things in which to come indeed
May surely tell a tale
A tale I say with no dismay
Of all the things we’ve done

Things we’ve done through all our pasts
The pasts we do reflect
Reflect upon so we may ponder
All we may expect

Become, become, become indeed
A measure of the past
We take it in, then sit and grin
Or grimace at long last

The tales they tell of joys we’ve known
Of joys, but too of woes
So many things we’ve done and said
And things we think we know

So on we go with what we know
And venture just a guess
We guess at what we think we know
But know we haven’t yet

So riddle this or riddle that
Do riddle as you may
And on the riddle ponder this
You’ve learned nothing this day

Futility we see, we see
Though even as we might
We come to find, yes find we do
We’re blind to our own plight

And to our plight we find, we find
That somewhere through the pain
Emerge we do to suffer rue
But rue we feel in vain

Cause then there comes a time I say
I say there comes a time
When all the things we thought we knew
Makes reason not, nor rhyme

And in the end, the end my friend
We surely all will find
That life was nothing more than just
A figment of the mind.
Written by: William Harrison Ziegler, Jr.
Copyrights Retained by: O’Della M. Wilson