While it is said there are fifty-one types (styles) of poems, I would beg to differ. Many poets will develop their own styles by combining different types of poems into one piece of poetry.

Some types/styles of poetry are flexible and some have firm constrictions in order to be defined as that style. Then you have Authors of poetry like myself, who mix it up a bit. Some Poets will define their ‘mixed’ style as a new type poetry, while others will simply list the piece as a mixed style of verse. I fall into the latter category with several poetry pieces I have written over the years.

This page will be dedicated to my writings that are either mixed or do not quite fit into another category [style] of poetry. Pieces will be added periodically, so come back regularly to check for new additions on this page.

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Thank you for your visit. Below are the poems available for reading:

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Bones Unburdened – Peaceful sleep.