I barely heard the knocking sound
“Who’s there?” I asked and turned around
“Hey Vito, yo’ ope the door man”
I grabbed my boots, put down my can.

“Yo’ hurry man, you best be quick
No shirt, just put on your jacket”
Seventeen minutes after twelve
I heard myself say “What the hell”

This best be good, it’s freaking late
He said “Hurry, just past the gate”
Not a single soul did I espy
as I quickly followed this guy.

This guy, a friend I thought to be
four others he had hid from me
Two of them weilding guns where hid
all circled me, two looked like kids.

They said “Lights out for you white boy”
then started shooting guns like toys
I felt hot steel rip through my flesh
my back, my leg, even my chest.

My mind racing, was this a dream?
Dear God, my mom, my mind did scream
Our door unlocked, do these thugs know?
now in our house, will these thugs go?

Dear Lord I pray, not for myself
But for my Mom, so much, what else?
I’ll be her fourth child to bury
It’s just not fair, life’s fury!

A seventh bullet struck my head
They’re angry cause I’m still not dead
The neighbors see, but will not help
I won’t cry out, not even yelp.

They’re mad because I wouldn’t beg
to spare my life, no I won’t beg
Just then I saw a bright light beamed
It beckoned me or so it seemed.

My body, these thugs now kicking
[saying] “Old white boy sure takes a licking”
Do they realize their fate now?
My family, their families and how?

These cowards that I once trusted
when only my blood they lusted
think this now makes them men, do tell
their fate now sealed, they’ll rot in hell.

For no bad deed will go unpaid
and even once my body layed
deep in the ground, ‘long side my Dad
at peace I’ll be, they wish they had.

What these thugs knew not at the time
I was already slowly dying
In their hate they sought to gain
only managed to end my pain.

But my mother, brother, and sis
other loved ones, would miss
they would anguish the loss – my life
God will hold, and quiet their strife.

My killers? I hope they live long
a life on earth for their wrong
Carry the weight of their bad deed
until the devil collects their seed.

And while this crime was one of hate
I only hope it won’t create
more racism among our sins
at least not when it comes to skin.

Please keep in mind that our divide
is good and bad, it’s what’s inside!

Written/All Copyrights Retained by: O’Della Wilson AKA Alhavakia
December 23, 2009.
This poem was written in dedication to my deceased brother, whom was murdered on March 29, 2009 and pronounced dead at 12:30am.
He is now at rest with our Dad, Siblings, and our Lord. He is the second child my mother lost to homicide.