Many seeds were planted that season
the soil not rich by any measure
One seed would have the reason
a hungry mouth good pleasure.

So much more it had to offer
nobody knew it at the time
Fought tough that seed a coffer
to keep safe a rapid climb.

From twigs, strong branches grew
many leaves suddenly appear
Metal monsters came to chew
fitted with an engineer.

Escape the danger of loggers
not an easy goal by any means
Faster than the quickest jogger
one leaf fled the metal machines.

It blew for years across many lands
before it found its resting place
Where today a great birch stands
Scarred from many a lambastes.

Offer up another cup of beer
drink up its liquid knowledge
Many lessons are stored here
in this birch, a teacher’s college.

Maybe to become paper one day
where great words will be written
A testament, its strength to stay
and all enemies to smitten.

Perhaps even a chair or table
this great birch transforms to be
It holds much more than fable
behold, you see, this birch is me.

I come before you here today
to offer the knowledge I’ve gained
When I’m done and walked away
my memory will have remained.

©2005 Written/All Rights Retained by: O’Della Wilson AKA Alhavakia
Author comments: Most of us hope to leave the world in better shape than what we were born into. This poem was written for that reason. I hope you enjoy it with the intention it was written.