Mommy please don’t look so sad
it’s not really all that bad
My daddy they won’t take away
they know we need him here each day
A letter to God, I wrote post haste
I said, we have no time to waste
You see they say my dad did wrong
A long, long time he will be gone
I know my dad is not that way
he’d never do the things they say
Mommy please make them understand
my daddy, he’s really a good man
She said, Sweetheart it’s out of my hands
We must pray a miracle, God sends
For nothing else will stop the fate
that’s been handed down this date
She says they chose some people who
will decide just what to do
A panel made up of his peers
they won’t understand she fears
She don’t know what they’ll decide
I told her, “mommy please don’t cry”
God will take care of it you’ll see
he’ll bring my daddy back to me.
Written/Copyrights Retained by: O’Della Wilson AKA Alhavakia
Author’s note: For every father wrongfully convicted, there is a child or children left behind to wonder, and suffer the consequences. On average ten years will be wasted away while the innocent moves mountains [and with a little luck, gets a good attorney] to prove his/her innocence.