I thought surely after writing
a reply would soon ensue
I’ve heard of your compassion
and all the good you do.

Reuniting families
sex predators exposed
others who have overcome
were honored on your show.

But, when I put to paper
all the hell that we’ve been through
your staff, they found me worthy not
to even bother you.

Our many losses suffered
so many we’ve endured
my daughter having surgeries
her brain is still not cured.

Our house, now in the hood
ashamed to use our own address
then Ivan came along
he thought we needed more distress.

The judge here, to this date
his order  unenforced
I guess he thought, we needed not
the help of child support.

Although he threaten jail for me
if the children didn’t go
to visit with their father
who came drunk, each time he showed.

Presented with evidence,
ex’s weapon, a gun his choice
we caught it all on video
but the judge heard not my voice.

I didn’t mind he thought
I needed not the alimony
twenty hard long years I spent
abuse imposed upon me.

But what affected us the most
and I cannot forgive
the judge, made not, the father pay
our child’s medicines to live.

And to my children he made clear
no value in his eyes
their worth he didn’t see
and on deaf ears, went all their cries.

There’s so much more, our story
in this poem ended abrupt
injustices and all the lies
our courts here so corrupt.

Which brings me to its ending now
the point to which I’ve wrote
I’ll send this letter, in form of poem
til a reply I have invoked.

Written/Copyrights Retained by: O’Della Wilson AKA Alhavakia
February 22, 2005
Authors comments: This poem was inspired by a letter I wrote to a very well known Talk Show Host. After resending several times [without so much as a common acknowledgement], I wrote this poem to express some of my frustration and pain.
This was a kind of ‘self-therapy’ to express my emotions with words, instead of negative action. As any loving parent knows, there’s nothing more frustrating than NOT being able to help your child.