I watch her, undetected

the delicate outline of her face

enveloped in a golden halo

as the rays of sunlight peek

through her window.

My eyes swell with a crystal

liquid that glistens

as it spills off my cheek.

So many things I had hoped

my precious, innocent daughter

would experience in her lifetime

dashed the opportunities

that should have been hers.

I see such pain in her eyes

at times, I want to scream out

but dare not.

What longings she desires

she had hidden well

by actions, for the most part.

But, then the song comes

on the radio – I see

her longing to know

a normal life

To be able to do simple things

would she ever know a first date?

Would she ever know the love

only a man has for a woman?

I watch as she sits

so exquisitely quiet

eyes of innocence

filled with curious wonder

I watch, as she watches

other girls

with an innocent smile

she greets them

yet they fear her

I watch as my heart

squeezed with agony

my longings for her

can not be so painful

as her own must be.

Her cheeks flushed

just a hint of pink

red pouty lips

the hynotic green, gold eyes

surrounded by thick darkness

lashes excessively long.

I watch the quiet beauty

of my daughter, her sadness

but quickly the look fades

as clouds dissipate with

a wind blown sky

she has spotted me

Veiling her longing

to live a normal life

she feins a smile

as I watch.

Quickly, I must flee

her room, her sight

out of earshot

I hear the agonizing moan

not even the knot

over filling my throat

to cause physical pain

can quiet

it is coming from me,

not her. Impatiently

I await the redness

to clear my swollen eyes

then rush to her side

I hug her, probably

squeezing too tight

I love you Doll

I tell her

as I watch

and wait for our miracle.

2010 Written/All Copyrights Retained by:

O’Della Wilson AKA Alhavakia, TheGoSeeGirl