In our youth, we can’t wait ’til we’re older
as adults, we seek magic back to youth
Our children, whom we hush as too naïve
the elderly, described “too long in tooth.”

In our quest to attain Godly wisdom
our innocence which leads us there, is lost
The very things we hold as lacking value
in the end, what we strive for, at all cost.

We think we’re so clever we can cheat time
if we hurry, much more we will achieve
Think much, we accomplished, in a short while
think we can conquer death ‘fore we must leave?

But the unknowns, we know not their meaning
because we’re not as clever as we think
So grab hold, what precious time you’re given
it will be gone from us in any eye’s blink.

Beauty of an early morning’s sunrise
darkest skies of midnight, stirred back to light
Springtime brings us hope, yet still reminds us
once again, we’ll return to skies of night.

Temporary stepping stones, our lives here
our next life, brings all answers we have sought
While the new rose brings to life its glory
let us not forget, the message it has brought.

We are not Gods, nor are we fit for heaven
we are the heathens of our woeful ways
Shamelessly, we treat our fellow humans
repenting only, in our final days.

Think God’s fooled, to false knowledge, we have changed
in our hearts or minds, now tho’ death is near?
Think he knows not, what now motivates us
think God knows not, our motivation – Fear!

Written/All Copyrights Retained by: O’Della Wilson AKA Alhavakia July 3, 2006