In her waking state
reflecting life past
so many hardships
a life time to last.

A tattered torn soul
pierced with many pains
she fights to survive
yet hardships remain.

She escapes in dream
becoming a queen
in beautiful gowns
to only be seen.

The finest castle
is where she resides
no longer the pains
to hold inside.

Oceans turquoise wet
the crystal skies of blue
emerald green grass
flowers fragrant lure.

Laughter of children
air filled with the sound
colors of rainbows
angels gathered round

the glittering golds
and splashes of red
purple, pink, silver
adorning their heads.

Wake once more to face
the new day life sends
for reality
to return again.

All the woes in life
never ending hurt
a remnant of her
there is no comfort.

So she takes solace
the one thing she knows
laying down her head
her eyes slowly close…

In her bed that night
she’ll dream once again
the colors she sees
colors of  heaven.
Written/Copyrights Retained by: O’Della Wilson AKA Alhavakia
March 08, 2005