A place in heaven I surely hold
for all the hardships I’ve endured
days passing fast just growing old
purpose in life no longer sure.

Against all odds each time I try
back on my feet  no looking back
ignore I must all other’s lies
allowing not a heart so black.

Slapped down I am each time to fail
life never fair I learned quite young
watching others thru life they sail
responsibilities, all mine, I’m told.

To pay the bills one must have work
for jobs to find where kids can come
around each corner just don’t lurk
the pickin’s slim where I am from.

The answer’s there to what I seek
to find it first riddle I must
this point in time what looks so bleak
I’m sure it’s not for that’s not just.

Against all odds my faith I’ll keep
no matter what life throws my way
inside my heart a love so deep
to carry with me day by day.

One day to look upon days past
to all the things behind me now
conquered I did trials so vast
Against all odds I made that vow.

So find a way I surely will
there’s not one thing to keep me down
Smiles and laughs each day to fill
From here on out there’ll be no frowns.

I will survive despite it all
determined now more than before
Against all odds I will not fall
give it my all I’ll still find more.

Thru thunderstorms and hurricanes
I’ve endured all and still survived
the floods of water though they came
could not defeat my will still thrives.

Written/Copyrights Retained by: ODella Wilson AKA Alhavakia  February 04, 2006