As you avoid the light
your shadow out of sight
all the hidden aspects
the light cannot reflect

unseen, yet still there
try not, you still care
preference to the dark
still the inner spark

hidden, try to be
do not let them see
the soul, under guard
darkness, a shelter hard

if light you would shed
could you forge ahead
they’d know deepness lies
in the soul through your eyes

The spark again lit
from the darkest pit
secrets no longer true
witnessed, the core of you

share then what you fear
another soul so near
the shadow of the soul
unleashed, now be told

only again to be
an enemy against me?
heart betrayed my mind
hurt deep another time

a risk worth taking
dare contemplating
a draw of the card
darkness, a shelter hard.

Re-Written/Copyrights retained by: O’Della Wilson AKA Alhavakia
Nov 06, 2001  All Rights Retained