For one to be successful
in any given field
You must first discover
how the soul to heal
Before that lesson learned
or to be applied
the painful wounds before
we must realize
Equal oppositions weighed
in subtle contrast
with only the pass’n of time
anything to last
Each passing day to bring
us, closer to an end
and a new existence
beginning once again
Collectively old wounds
new energies become
all merging, complimenting
becoming only one
identities retain
separate, yet only one
in the end to feign
Past pain be resolved
yet forgotten not
embraced with acceptance
understanding sought
Creativity to be
a measure of success?
Success being but
a measure of our best?
Surely such a measure
would hold inequity
no opposition, contradiction
nor equality
Only when we find
where death blends life anew
Can success equate
a measure that is true
All negatives summed up
a positive, no less
Creatively, the irony
our failures — our success.
Written/Copyrights Retained by: O’Della Wilson AKA Alhavakia
©January 27, 2005