She flows gracefully  through the door
back to see the doctor once more
her third and last this week, we hope
arms full of holes, from needle pokes

A ritual learned well by now
endures so much, I don’t know how
hospital halls, we’ve walked them thin
NICU, admitted again

You see, they say, her brain’s awry
must stop the seizures, before she dies
the medicines, been through them all
so far none work, we hit a wall

Diets, surgeries, all have failed
the cure for her, not yet unveiled
but to give up or to relent
we will not do, we will lament

Until a cure, her brain made right
no more seizures or hellish nights
to live a life, as you or me
for her to be, seizure free.

I dedicate this poem to my beautiful daughter, Rose; she has the heart of a warrior!

Written/Copyrights Retained by: O’Della Wilson AKA Alhavakia
February 21, 2005
Author/Mother comments: Although my daughter has undergone a Radical Lobectomy and has had a VNS Implant operation, she continues to have seizures daily. On average of twice a month she has what is called ‘Cluster Breakthrough’ seizures. These seizures usually continue for a period of two to four hours, and have even continued for as long as a six hour period. We are usually both wiped out and exhausted, but we deal with it as best we can. For the most part, we have learned to accept the situation for what it is currently – with the expectation that one day – a cure will be found. Until that day, we shall be grateful for the many blessings we have in our lives.