This collection of poems were written, as inspired by my own life challenges or the challenges others might face during their lives.

Life can be difficult at times, other times it teaches us valuable lessons. Sometimes these lessons can be life changing, at other times they can build our character. All poems published in this category are sure to touch your heart Рreaching to the very depth of your soul.  All poems listed here are written by myself, unless stated otherwise.

Words are a powerful tools in which to convey our deepest feelings and most powerful emotions. Using the creativity of poetic writing can change a heart rendering situation into a beautiful work of art. By sharing my experiences in poetic form, my thought is to convey to each and every reader – we can triumph and grow as compassionate, understanding and loving human beings.

If these poems in “Life Challenges” reaches only one person – it is a blessed labor of love. My hope is to spread good feelings and validation to all/anyone looking for encouragement or the courage to fight the good fight: Aspiring to Inspire

Listed below, for your convenience are the poems currently available in this category:

  • Poems inspired by personal experiences or circumstance:

A Brain Awry – This poem dedicated to my beautiful daughter.

A Measure Of Success – What really defines ‘success’?

A Shelter Hard – Poem on woes of love

Against All Odds – Nobody ever said life was fair or just. This poem is about triumph against all odds – a determined state of mind.

Colors of Heaven – What are your visions?

Fear Our Motivation – After witnessing so-called Christians snub those they thought beneath them.

I Watch – Inspired by my daughter.

Letter To A Talk Show Host – Self-Therapy poem, written out of frustration.

My Daddy – For every father wrongfully convicted, there is a child or children left behind to wonder. This poem is written with the intent to give us pause, reflection, a possibly a voice to the children and how they might view such an event. This is a must read!

On The Row – Dedicated to all the wrongfully convicted, sentenced to death.

Our Visitors No Longer Come – Written after displacement.

The Memory of Me – A poem to aspire to.

William’s Poem – Written for and Dedicated to my deceased brother, William.