A little boy
in tattered clothes
waited his turn in line

He knew their stares
were all on him
and with that, he was fine

He understood
their differences
and truly, didn’t care

His mission here
was bigger than
all others even dare

Moving closer
the line grew short
his wait was soon to end

Rehearsing words
inside his head
when Santa said again

Young man come forth
my time is short
there’s many waiting here

Tell me what gift
you hope to get
on Christmas morn this year

You see Santa
there’s just one gift
I need to make things right

A love so great
no gift to match
my one request tonight

It’s for my mom
her life’s been hard
her pain’s too much to bare

I wish her pain
to be my own
deny me, if you dare

No other gift
this year I seek
be placed under my tree

This one request
I ask of you
please give this gift to me

I’ll gladly take
NO, proud I’d be
to bare her pain with pride

If you’d just talk
to God above
he’ll know you’re on my side

You see, I tried
but fear his plan
was made before my birth

For answer not
my prayers to him
to leave her here on earth

I ask not much
just a few years
enough to raise me right

I’d even trade
my toys and bike
or even trade my sight

Then Santa said
Whoa not so fast
That’s quite a big request

I’ll need some time
I’ll talk to him
I’ll do my very best

Then with a wink
the boy said thanks
and jumped down from his lap

This Christmas gift
will be the best
no need to even wrap

I’ll know he heard
the words you spoke
when Christmas morn I rise

I’ll see her love
witness no pain
when I look into her eyes.
Written by: O’Della Wilson AKA Alhavakia
Copyright December 04, 2007