If I could change the world, with just the written word

I’d put my pen to paper and start with, “all concurred”

The world was now the people, total sum of all – plus one

No nations to divide them, one language voices sung

The voices sang of peace and love, no poverty or pain

The words imprinted on each soul, no negatives remain

Words of hope, compassion, opportunity, all heard

The world was changing quickly, with just the written word

My pen now back to paper – moving faster with each stroke

My poetry for peace begun, all words penned to invoke

The words invoked the voices, all heard in harmony

My pen is moving faster now, the world’s a symphony

Inspired now my pen became much quicker than the eye

Inscribing words, reality now changing on the fly

The world was being written as the pen moved on the page

My perfect world appearing and evolving, each new stage

The world was now becoming as from past, was meant to be

What made the changes was plus one, the one you did not see

The total sum of all plus one, that voice the difference made

That voice choosing the words I wrote, including, “all forgave”

Words like hate and anger, became words like faith and share

No words of war or hunger would remain on paper where

Their negative effects could cause no harm – to even one

Back to where it all began, where God had first begun

And what had started, “all concurred” was actually a bridge

The crossing over negatives, to reach his Godly ridge

Where stood the light of that “plus one” which guided every stoke

The words I penned to paper now, the words meant to invoke

The voice of that “plus one” I heard – guiding hand and pen

With each and every written word – his promise he did send

For all the world now recognized the words I wrote, not mine

I am just an instrument, God’s word, with gift of rhyme.

Written/Copyrights Retained by: O’Della Wilson AKA Alhavakia
January 29, 2005