If I accomplish nothing else
while on this earth,
Might I improve someone’s life,
give it some worth.

My existence, in the broad scope
small to all things
A mark I will have made if,
happiness it brings.

If only one life, I’ve changed
along the way
When I die, the world will know
and truly say:

My life, insignificant,
compared to all…
I had impact, I had worth,
I heard my call.

Maybe only one life changed
while I am here
That one life might change many
over the years.

One single act to affect
a single soul
One single act in essence
to break the mold.

Count the lives one single act
happens to change,
Thousands they might number
in the long range.

One single act to hesitate
with too much thought
One single act to contemplate
so much it brought.

So in the end, my existence
however small
Might have changed, not only one,
but changed it all.

2000 Written/Copyrights Retained by: O’Della Wilson AKA Alhavakia
Revised Copyright: 2005

Author’s Comment: “Every action/reaction in life affects each action of the person it’s imposed upon. And so on, and so on! Think about that a moment … what a ripple effect that can have!” Weigh your words carefully before speaking. Offer words to encourage, refrain from speaking those which do not.