Life’s Tiny Grains of Sand

I am in a hurry, rushing all around

Moving so fast, feet barely touching ground

So many things to do, no time to stop & say

Good afternoon m’dam, I must be on my way.

No time to stop or smell, flower fragrant air

No time to watch tides, wash up without a care

My time too valued, wasted on these things

Like silly birds on wires, sitting there to sing

Stars in the sky, twinkling sparks of light

Children in the park, flying silly kites

Today I woke early, I would take the time

Stop, smell the flowers, listen to bells chime

I looked to the ground, no shadow did I see

‘though the sun shone brightly, directly down on me

I looked up to the sky, the heaven opened up

God’s angel then spoke, said I’d emptied out my cup

What I tried, most to save, slipped right through my hands

For life is divied out to us, as tiny grains of sand.

Written/Copyrights by: ODella Wilson AKA Alhavakia

©2003 All Rights Retained

SUMMARY: Life is short and there is no guarantee of tomorrow, so make the most of each and every day – take the time and use it wisely.