I hailed a woman from the street
so shameless and oh so fair

I bade her, sit in my model’s seat
and I painted her sitting there

I painted her as she might have been
if the worst had been the best

I hid all creases of a world of sin
placing a baby at her breast

Along came a connoisseur of art
but who was a knowing none

He watched me paint with all my heart
and listened as I hummed

Why that is Mother Mary
whom she holds, surely God’s son

He made an offer, without tarry
and offered me his funds

On her head, a halo, I placed
sold the painting, took my fee

Now it hangs in church with grace
where all may go to see.
Written by: O’Della (Ziegler) Wilson AKA Alhavakia
©1975 All Rights Retained Revised ©2005