The dishes are all dirty
the wash is piled high
Phone’s ringing off its hook
I think I’m gonna cry.

Kids running thru the house
screaming their lungs out
I dreamed of having more
is this what life’s about?

The dog has chased the cat
up the drapes, all custom made
Our bird’s chirp’n off his bill
he’s dinner, he’s afraid.

Our bird just might be closer
to the truth, than he might know
Cause if the pot boils over
one more time, upon the stove…

It won’t be fit to give the dogs
much less, to feed the kids
And Polly just might find himself
in that pot, under the lid!

I know this all sounds crazy
but, I know that in the end
I wouldn’t change a thing
and I’d do it all again.

For even though sometimes we think
it’s all been done in vain
A smile appears upon our lips
great happiness we gain.

Yes, they drive me up the wall
sometimes, but even so
I wouldn’t change a thing
Because I love them, don’t you know!
Written/Copyrights Retained by: O’Della Wilson AKA Alhavakia
©1999 All Rights Retained

Sometimes, the things we think cause our stress in the moment, are the very things that become treasured memories among the pages of our lives. I hope you found yourself smiling while reading this poem. Then share the smiles and happiness with your friends and family.