When earth’s last picture is painted
the tubes all twisted and dry
The oldest colors are faded
the youngest critics have died.
We shall rest, faith we shall need it
lie down, an eon or two
Until the master of mankind
calls each of us to a new.
We shall splash a ten league canvas
with brushes of camel’s hair
With fresh new tubes, colors all true
the saints will be present there.
When earth’s last picture, replaced by
this canvas of ten leagues length
No faded colors of days gone
Reborn, we are, with new strength.
Written by: O’Della Wilson AKA Alhavakia
All Copyrights Retained 1975
Author’s comments: I re-wrote this piece when I was fifteen years old. I don’t remember ever hearing this poem elsewhere, but obviously I did. I learned that most recently. Only the first four or five lines are the same. The copyright of the original author expired.  I made it my own, hope you enjoy.