This page is all about inspirational poetry. Do you like poetry? Maybe you write poetry yourself? Would you like to submit your own inspirational poem for consideration to be published, thus gaining visibility? If so, please see the submission guidelines and submission form for more information. All authors retain full rights to their entire works. There are no fees, nor commissions or any other charges to submit for inclusion.

While some of the poems speak of difficult times, the precept is that all situations can be overcome. To know that others have overcome difficult situations we might be facing, can sometimes give us that extra strength to pull from. We are never alone, nor so unique that others have not experienced the same difficulties we have. And at those times when you look around to find there is not a soul to talk with, there is always that supreme being, God. He resides within you, he hears those silent and unspoken words, for they are embedded within your heart. The very heart He has given you, is a part of his own.

Below is the list of  the Inspirational Poems currently available for your reading. This list will be updated with each new poem as it is added. A small description of each poem, as well as the author’s bio [once added] will be listed for each poem accepted. With that said … enjoy!

Poems Currently Available:

EARTH’S LAST PICTURE – A poem I wrote at the age of fifteen years.

EVIDENCE – A poem of faith.

I WOULDN’T CHANGE A THING – A day in the life of being a mom – cute view!

IF THE WORSE HAD BEEN THE BEST – Do you judge a person based on their image? What if …

LIFE’S TINY GRAINS OF SAND – Realizing time waits for nobody

ONE SINGLE ACT – The impact of our actions in life, something to ponder.

PLUS ONE – My poetry for peace. Published as part of the “Poetry for Peace Project 2005”

SHE’S NOW A MOTHER –  A poem about new motherhood

WHEN I LOOK INTO HER EYES – A Christmas poem to tug at your heart.