With my eyes closed

head tilted back

I could see

the beauty of

a cloudless sky.

The breeze flowing

ever so gently

made the hair

on my arms

dance like ballerinas

on tippy toes.

Aroma of fresh

cut grass penetrating

deep in my lungs

passing over a

palette of taste buds

eager to burst

making me hungry.

Reaching within

the darkest recesses

of my sensibilities

the moment took hold.

The taste of nature

was taking over

rather quickly, too.

I could taste

the nectar of

fragrant flowers as

it flowed

like a river

washing away

the sediment of

prior flavors entertained

as though my throat

were a naked child

still innocent to life.

Ahhh…the lovely taste

of nature.

¬©July 22, 2006 Written/Copyrights Retained by: O’Della Wilson AKA Alhavakia