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I have added lots of poems for your enjoyment recently. Several are very personal to me, but all were written with love. Whatever your taste in poetry, you should find something here that appeals to  your liking. More will be added in the near future.

Each poem is listed individually, on its own page, under the section “Published Pages” on the right sidebar column.

Also, if there is enough interest, I will be posting some valuable information about the types of poetry, as well as some terms/terminology you should be familiar with if you are interested in writing poetry.

Do you have an opinion about a particular poem you read on this site? Please share your opinions with other visitors of this site, as well as the author. All feedback is appreciated and valued.

As you can see to the right (sidebar), several new pages have been added. Poems seem to be the main attraction to my site, as opposed to writing tips.

So for now, my focus on this site will be adding some of my favorite poems. I’m hoping you will enjoy reading several, more than once. I will be adding some dedication poems in the near future [as time allows].

Almost all of my writings are based on personal experiences or the experiences of persons close to me. The most recent additions are a couple of funny poems sure to make you smile.

Feel free to share this site [and the love] with your friends and family. Remembering: We can laugh, smile, sigh and even cry a little together!

It’s all good and every new day is a gift to be unwrapped with love in our hearts. I hope my words will become a small ribbon, woven around each gift of a new day.

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