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I often watch my daughter and wonder – What are her thoughts? What does she really think and feel about the life she has been dealt? There are many times I cry myself to sleep, praying for a miracle – if only …

She has inspired a lot of my poetry. With the heart of a warrior, she takes life one day at a time. Often times, she shares her desires that we could afford to travel some, not a lot, just to give her some taste of the world. It breaks my heart.

I thought I would share this poem “I Watch” with my viewers. While it does not compare to the reality of our situation, it does give a glimmer view into our world. Some things in life, for as powerful as words are, words just simply cannot convey- so here is our small glimmer view: I WATCH

I have added lots of poems for your enjoyment recently. Several are very personal to me, but all were written with love. Whatever your taste in poetry, you should find something here that appeals to  your liking. More will be added in the near future.

Each poem is listed individually, on its own page, under the section “Published Pages” on the right sidebar column.

Also, if there is enough interest, I will be posting some valuable information about the types of poetry, as well as some terms/terminology you should be familiar with if you are interested in writing poetry.

Do you have an opinion about a particular poem you read on this site? Please share your opinions with other visitors of this site, as well as the author. All feedback is appreciated and valued.

Thank you to every Veteran – for protecting us – with your very lives.

Happy Veteran’s Day to all the Armed Forces and their families. Let us remember the many sacrifices made by these patriots, in order to protect the freedoms and rights of all our citizens.

The day will be filled with mixed emotions, most especially the families of those soldiers who have given their lives, so that we might enjoy the freedoms we do. The following poem was written as my small way to honor our troops. It is not a clever or lengthy piece, just a few words I hope might speak volumes:

They Mourn

Guarding Their Comrades

Duly Stood Brave Soldiers

The Silent Platoons

Ambushed Our Enemies

Freedom Still Remains

Another Assignment Done

Duty Completed

They Rejoice For Us, Then Mourn

Copyright 2006

For those of us who have not faced the rages of war, we can never know the depth of emotions coursing through the veins of every Soldier, as they face their enemy. To take another’s life is not done without burden. They carry the weight of so much, we might not even consider as a consequence.

Let us acknowledge our Heroes, their sacrifices and willingness to give their very lives, so that we might enjoy the many freedoms we have. Please thank a Soldier today.