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The blank verse style of poetry is written in iambic pentameter. Its main characteristic is its end-stopped lines.

Poems written in blank verse can be as long as the poet desires, provided that each line is written in iambic pentameter.


The ballade is a twenty-line French style poem. It  relies on the foundation of three stanzas, an envoi, and usually an apostrophe.

It must use the rhyme scheme of ababbcc dedeeff ghghii.


Tanka is a Japanese type poetry. These poems contain a total of 31 syllables within five lines.

The first and third lines are composed of five syllables each and the rest are composed of seven syllables each.

Tanka is the oldest type of poetry in Japan.


I often watch my daughter and wonder – What are her thoughts? What does she really think and feel about the life she has been dealt? There are many times I cry myself to sleep, praying for a miracle – if only …

She has inspired a lot of my poetry. With the heart of a warrior, she takes life one day at a time. Often times, she shares her desires that we could afford to travel some, not a lot, just to give her some taste of the world. It breaks my heart.

I thought I would share this poem “I Watch” with my viewers. While it does not compare to the reality of our situation, it does give a glimmer view into our world. Some things in life, for as powerful as words are, words just simply cannot convey- so here is our small glimmer view: I WATCH

Alliteration is the repetition of the same sounds at the beginning of words or stressed syllables.

For example, the tongue twister “Suzie sells sea shells by the seashore” uses alliteration.

In modern usage, alliteration is most commonly consonantal.


Assonance is the repetition of an identical or similar vowel sound.

The “ee” sound in the sentence “See the bees” is an example of assonance.

Here’s an example poem that uses the “I” sound repetition:

I have a hive

it’s there I thrive

it’s where I hide

my time I bide

to go outside

collect I might

honey to mine

from pollen inside

While it’s not a great poem it give you a general idea of this type poem.

The heroic couplet is an English form that is commonly used in epic and narrative poetry.

It is a poem constructed entirely through rhyming couplets written in iambic pentameter.

These couplets tend to be closed, rather than enjambed.  The heroic couplet  gained its popularity during the 18th century.

The elegy was originally written for elegiac meter.

Traditional elegiac meter is a dactylic hexameter followed by pentameter.

Unlike a eulogy that focuses on the death of someone, the elegy can be a poem of sad, reflective, or a somber tone.


One of the Japanese forms of poetry, the haiku is a short poem of three lines.

The first line  using five syllables,  seven syllables in the second line, and five syllables in the third line.  It does not rhyme and is nature oriented.

A calligram is a poem that is designed to form a shape or an object related to the topic of the poem.

For example, a poem about the forest might be formatted to look like a tree.