Motherhood is always an exciting time, but that first time will always hold special memories. [yea! swearing never to have sex again, all the pain, having all your unmentionables exposed to total strangers…]

OK, back on a serious note, there’s nothing else like motherhood for the first time. So today’s addition is a poem I wrote about motherhood for the first time, from a slightly different view – A new mother, who’s own birth mother gave her up for adoption. She now understands just how much her birth mother loved her and comes full circle in her own womanhood.

This poem is entitled “She’s Now A Mother”

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  1. William Ramay says:

    O’Della, Motherhood… beautiful. You have shared your feelings about this beautiful time in a woman’s life. It shows depth of feeling,love of relationship.It is beautifully presented from the standpoint of a woman and mother. Another woman,mother can see much more here because of experience and because women look at things differently than men do. We men can never look upon motherhood from the standpoint of experience.We are relagated to try
    to understand what we see.I think being in love with a woman helps a
    man to “see”.Well written,beautifully presented.

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