After almost ten years, the website gets a makeover. With this new look also comes a new purpose – Writing Tips, Resources, Self Publishing, everything an Author needs or wants and more. I am a one woman team, so please be patient with me while I rebuild this site.

Those visitors looking for marketing resources, legal resources, and information formerly found on this site –  Please visit my Answers, Information and Resource site, where all items and resources have been moved: TheGoSeeGirl

My aim will be to post at least fifty of the best tips and resources I have come across over the years;  in addition I will be posting poems, I myself, have written over the years. There will be new pages added that will contain excerpt of the books I am currently working on also. Watch for the announcement to select titles, vote and win prizes too!

Writing is a long, tedious process that requires lots of patience, love, thought and time. Time is the most difficult challenge I face, but my life has always been challenging, so given time this site will grow. And Please – leave your feedback and comments on how this site can be improved to meet your individual needs or desires. I will address each any every one – personally – in a clear and concise fashion.

If you like poetry or you are just looking for a few encouraging words to give you that extra nudge to face the day with new resolve – you are going to love this site. If you are a struggling writer looking to improve your skills or just make new contacts, watch for my special upcoming offer for membership. Take a moment to make sure you bookmark this site, or sign up to my feed so you never miss a single post.

As time allows, I will also be listing some valuable resources for writers and tips to improve your writing skills and experiences. Sometimes one piece of information can change the whole picture of your writing future. Things such as “Submitting your work for publication: What To Do and What You Never Do” could determine or make the difference of whether you get published or not.  Interested in how to find an agent? Or whether you actually even need one?

Plus much more to come in the future, including a private member area filled with writing resources you will wonder how you ever managed to do without previously. Have a great day, smile at a stranger, don’t forget to say ‘thank you’ and ‘please’ followed by ‘have a great day’ and you will be amazed how much better you will feel. Just knowing you made someone else’s day a little brighter, will brighten your own day. It’s all good!

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